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The continent of Africa and much of the emerging world overall, is in the midst of an urban transformation. Communities everywhere are uprooting themselves and their families from rural towns and villages, and are deciding to plant new seeds in the city. The UN has estimated that the overwhelming majority of African countries will have majority urban populations by 2050 - a trajectory has been set, and it will only accelerate over time.


As cities continue to grow and multiply, so will the need for more housing, stores, office blocks, schools and hospitals, followed up by the roads, public transport systems, ports, power stations and telecommunication networks needed to support these things. Much of the emerging world is in the midst of a construction boom as a result of this. Africa marks as no exception to this reality, and is one of the fastest growing markets for big building on the planet.

In line with this rapidly urbanising Africa, our CNC platform chronicles the latest and most important urban development projects across the continent. Stay in the know with our Africa infrastructure and construction map, articles and reports, along with our video content.

We have also recently set up a map where you can add information about any rentals or properties to buy that you may have on offer in Kenya. Read more about it here.

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